About strawberryluna

strawberryluna is me & him, a pair of designers & screenprinters. Allison was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania while Craig is Pittsburgh through & through. Allison moved 300 miles away from home only to realize that she is, in fact, still in Pennsylvania. This gives us a lot of practice correctly spelling “Pennsylvania”. Now we live & work in No Rules Pittsburgh with our dog. And yes, the correct way to spell our studio name is “strawberryluna”, all one word, all lower case. Full on. When it’s good, you don’t need to shout.

Allison does most of the heavy lifting on the printing side of our posters and prints, which she prints entirely by hand, the super old-fashioned way. Originally working out of the amazing community / artists run co-op studio in Pittsburgh called Artists Image Resource (AIR for short), now Allison primarily prints at our studio in the Friendship section of Pittsburgh. Craig is not only an insanely versatile designer and natural trivia champ, but is also a Superman in the kitchen.

To see our work and portfolio head on over to our  website here.

Want to hire us or inquire about our design services? Email us! strawberryluna { a t  } strawberryluna dot com and let’s talk. Have a question or a comment? Leave it below; I read ’em. I really do. If you would like to receive my email newsletter, please email me at newsletter { a t } strawberryluna dot com & we’ll add you lickety-split!



16 responses to “About strawberryluna

  1. Hi: How are you? Hopefully you remember me from your Knoxville Morrissey poster of last year. I was curious to know if you are doing any of the posters for the forthcoming Pretenders tour?

  2. Hi Jerry! Yes, of course I do remember you, heck yeah. As yet, I don’t have a gig on deck for a Pretenders poster, though that would be super cool. Should that change I feel like you would be in the know, but I will drop you a line for sure.

    Fingers crossed! Stranger things have happened.

  3. I’ve become more and more interested in concert posters over the last few years after visiting The Fillmore in San Francisco and grabbing some of the amazing prints from their past shows.

    I came across your website via The Pitt News awhile back and instantly fell in love with your work. Once I graduate this spring I look forward to furnishing my walls with some of your prints!

  4. Janis

    YOU ARE SOOOOO TALENTED. My daughter and I sceenprint on fabric and would love to learn to print like you do on paper. We are so basic. We burn our own screens but for mostly one color prints. What I don’t understand is how you can print yellow so vividly over black as you did on Short & Sweet. We would appreciate any advice or where to find good tutorial. Thanks

  5. Connie Jackson

    In searching vintage Christmas cards I ran across a card with 3 little girls one has a dog on a leash that is standing on its hind legs – all of them are looking at a snowman who is tipping his hat. Please advise if the card is for sale – if there is a poster – or the artist’s name. The dog closely resembles my daughter’s dog and I would like to find the card or poster for her.

    Best regards, Connie Jackson

    • Thanks, glad that you liked my post!

      As far as I know, that card isn’t available for sale, but that doesn’t mean that a dealer online somewhere doesn’t have it. I found most of these images on Flickr in member collections and / or in online stores and unfortunately most of those sources didn’t have the artists’ names listed. I bet that very few people know who any of those talented illustrators are now, as most cards then (as now) aren’t credited very often. But, since vintage cards are very collectible and there are lots of dealers out there, hopefully you can find this card or one that is like it. Your daughter’s dog must be very cute!

      Thanks again & good luck.

  6. Julie Kelley

    I found one of your designs in an old REAL SIMPLE magazine. It was of two giraffes facing each other and the words “G is for giraffe” under it. Do you have the rest of the alphabet for sale? If so, where could I find it? Thanks!

  7. Milan Petran

    Dear StrawberryLuna, knowing you from your flickr posts… I am still surprised again and again with your prints and still wondering how this is done 🙂

    Would you give me a clue where to find good resources and guidelines to start trying do some prints

    Pa, Milan

  8. Lonnie

    Hi, I ordered a print from you through Bluebottle Gallery when I was visiting there. I purchased the “Winter 2008” and I LOVE IT! I have received so many compliments on it. I really enjoy the color combination on it. I would love to get another from you in the future. Thanks again!

    • Oh wow, that’s awesome. I love Blue Bottle, it’s a great little store & gallery. I finally got to see it for myself last September while walking through the Capitol Hill neighborhood and I loved all of the amazing work that they have.

      I’m really glad that you like your print too, thanks so much!

  9. Jae

    I love your work. Do you also screen print as a business? I’m looking to have poster invites printed by someone with an eye for detail.

    • Hi there! Thanks so much first off. And secondly, yep, I do design and screenprinting work as my full time gig. I can email you to talk further if you’d like. Thanks again!

  10. JP

    Hi Alison,

    Just wanted to say I LOVE the SISTERS RED and SWEETLY book jackets. They’re awesome!


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