Stunning posters for Aronofsky’s Black Swan

Being a poster artist for me essentially also means being a fan & student of the history and art of posters, no matter what, where, when & for whom. In my case? Also being a bit of a film nut (to put it mildly), means that yeah, I’m really impressed by these absolutely amazing posters designed by London based outfit La Boca for Darren Aronofsky’s new film Black Swan. Which, I can’t wait to finally go see, as it looks incredibly cool & creepy. Holy spooky mirrors.

Add in my undying love for some good old-fashioned propagandist style & design, and poof! The perfect recipe of awesome was born with these masterful pieces. And while the photo-based posters (of which there a many striking and excellent ones too), are also incredible, I’m just floored by this set of graphic & illustrated posters. What a bold set they make and how well they work in tandem as well as on their own. It’s perfection. Hope that you dig them too.

Edit/add: Thanks to our pal Cameron of Two Duck Disco for letting us know that these posters were created by La Boca out of London. Cheers!


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4 responses to “Stunning posters for Aronofsky’s Black Swan

  1. Wow, these are excellent. Thank you for sharing them–I don’t know if I’d have found them otherwise.
    I’m a fan of propaganda style posters as well (while writing this, I’m looking at WWII posters…)

    • Yes! It’s always a good time to look at WW2 propaganda posters. Cool, so glad that dig these too. They’ve apparently been out internationally since October, but I only ran into them the other day myself. Surprisingly. Cheers!

      • These were cooked up by UK design dudes La Boca. Follow their blog, it’s excellent! Plus about once or twice a month, they post about some awesome new trainers they’ve bought –

      • Cameron, rad! Thanks bunches friend, that’s awesome. I’ve been trying to find information about the designers and was having very little luck, oddly. Thanks for the link to the blog too. That’s hilarious about the new trainers too, hehe.

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