Are you ready for Halloween?!?

Click to watch the full 1937 cartoon, "Lonesome Ghosts".

I am! Halloween is my favorite holiday, I love love love everything about it. The beginning of fall, the spookiness, the candy, the costumes, the pagan leftovers of a past filled with spirits and harvest. Love it all.

So much so? I have one of these:

And one of these, so that I can watch Lonesome Ghosts forwards, backwards, sped up and in slow motion, over and over again. Just like when I was 4.

Happy Halloween!




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2 responses to “Are you ready for Halloween?!?

  1. Jen Moore

    I have one too and can’t bear to let it go! Love love love Lonesome Ghosts.

  2. I used to watch Lonesome Ghosts when I was 4! I had the movie viewer as well, it looked a bit different than yours though – I had this model: …. I think its lost somewhere in my parents’ attic now.. anyways, great memories đŸ™‚

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