Now on Facebook, strawberryluna.

Yep. It’s true. There is now a ‘strawberryluna’ account page on Facebook.

I’ve had a personal account for some time now, and I’d bet a bunch of you are already my pals there. But, that page is a little more personal, you know, with rants, dumb photographs of my dog, or a weird sign, or bad (or good) food, etc.

So, now, for anyone interested in strawberryluna the studio, in addition to, or instead of Allison, the goof behind strawberryluna, feel free to add, like, friend, or ignore the strawberryluna Facebook version.

I’m sure that I will be announcing new prints and posters and work, as well as putting up process photos and the like there, and probably running silly contests and more interactive stuff through that page.

Link here if you want to like, or even just peek.

Thanks! Be nice to someone  & have a super rest of your day.


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