F*ck Up! A Test Print Exhibit

Just a few of the Test Prints in the exhibit.

FUCK UP :: A Test Print Exhibit

It’s a new gallery show that I’m in! And what a great name. I love it. I have a few Test Prints in this new show, opening on April 2nd, 2010 in Lincoln, NE  at
SCREEN INK  from 7:00pm – 11:00pm. If you have a Facebook account click here for the Event Page & all of the details. And also, for more information check out this article describing the show and the screenprinting process as well as a little info on Test Prints & why so many printers have them.

Test prints are by-products of the screen-printing process that contain a multitude of layers of color and shape from numerous different posters, resulting in (occasionally) beautiful, one-of-a-kind monoprints. Because the process is completely spontaneous and unplanned, imperfections and accidents are embraced rather than shunned. FUCK UP is an art show that illuminates this emerging art form with a collection of prints from numerous international artists, both celebrated and up-and-coming. Test prints are an intersection of art and design, individuality and mass production, inspiration and collection, planned and impromptu.

Check out this sneak peek of the promo poster for the FUCK UP show. 11 colors down, 6 more to go!

OPENING: April 2nd, 2010 in Lincoln, NE  at SCREEN INK  from 7:00pm – 11:00pm
Please join us at our First Friday opening reception for booze, classy hors d’oeuvres, shit-talking, and brown-nosing (not necessarily in that order). You’ll meet some of the artists and can badmouth the ones who didn’t show up. DJ set by Darren Keen from The Show Is The Rainbow!! The official after party will be located at the nearby YEE OLDE TAVENRE.

Featured Artists
The Bubble Process (Cleveland, OH and Brooklyn, NY) – http://www.thebubbleprocess.com
Delicious Design League (Chicago, IL) – http://deliciousdesignleague.com/
Doe Eyed (Lincoln, NE) – http://www.doe-eyed.com
Bennett Holzworth (Lincoln, NE) – http://www.bennettholzworth.com
Steady Print Shop Co (Minneapolis, MI) – http://www.steadyprintshop.com
Ron Liberti (Carrboro, NC) – http://www.gigposters.com/designer/18832_Ron_Liberti.html
Micah Max (Omaha, NE) – http://www.micahmax.com
Pat Oakes (Omaha, NE) – http://www.inktankmerch.com
Sidekick Design (Portland, OR) –http://www.gigposters.com/designer/43745_Sidekick_Design.html
The Silent Giants (Detroit, MI) – http://thesilentgiants.com/blog
Dan Stiles (Portland, OR) – http://www.danstiles.com
strawberryluna (Pittsburgh, PA) – http://www.strawberryluna.com
We Buy Your Kids (Sydney, Australia) – http://www.webuyyourkids.com
Workshop (Lincoln, NE) – http://www.workshopworkshop.com
Young Monster (Chattanooga, TN) – http://www.weareyoungmonster.com

One of my Test Prints, available for sale n my Etsy shop. (click for more info or to purchase)

Addendum! Here is a great review of the opening night of the Fuck Up Test Print show complete with an awesome video of the crowd and live test print tshirt printing and of course, tons of rad Test Prints on the walls. The video is HERE!



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3 responses to “F*ck Up! A Test Print Exhibit

  1. We’re so glad to have you in the show! Sorry we decided to host it in the middle of Nowhere/Nebraska. Your prints look be-YOOT-iful!

  2. hehe! thanks for including me in it!

    trust me, being in Pittsburgh, *tons* of people who don’t live here think it’s in the middle of nowhere. i know the feeling.

    thanks for stopping by and good luck with the opening! take lots of photos for us all. i can’t wait to see everyone’s rad Test Prints or the big giant layered print either. hooray!

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