Criterion Collection films now on Netflix “Watch Instantly”

Click for more info and full list of available films

And it’s pretty darn exciting. The Criterion Collection of films has been an outstanding aggregator & distributor of excellent movie-making from around the world for over 2 decades. Keeping pace with the advent of DVDs and now more online film viewing, Criterion has released 35 movies for Netflix online streaming tool “Watch Instantly”.

For someone like me, who uses the heck out of the “Watch Instantly” feature on Netflix, often while printing or otherwise working the studio, these releases are a welcome addition.

The list of Criterion releases is impressive and not at all a slacking one. The complete list (with links right to their corresponding Netflix pages) is here at the Criterion Cast podcast site (or by clicking the above & below images). It’s also worth noting that Criterion’s standards include routinely fantastic renderings of poster and cover art for their releases as well. Some of my favorites are below.



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4 responses to “Criterion Collection films now on Netflix “Watch Instantly”

  1. High and Low is definitely a great film. Palpable tension.

  2. havoc

    couldnt be more true!

  3. Love the Vanishing!!!!!!!!
    And I’m a big fan of the Criterion Collection DVDs and BluRay.
    By the way “Still Walking” is coming out next month
    Did you see it? Here’s my review:

    PS: hope you’ll like my blog

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