500 Colored Pencils



How cool is this? 500 beautifully colored pencils look absolutely lovely all together. Presented by the folks at Social Designer as a set and a subscription, this is one of those  _______-of-the-month-club deals that I actually think is really rad. Obviously, I am a fan of color, the more the better usually, so these collections and rad little display vignettes just charm the hell out me.

Watch it sheep!

Watch it polar bear!

25 pencils per month for 2o months gets you quite literally all the colors of the rainbow. Or, as Social Designer puts it: “500 Colored Pencils: the only set in the world that matches the span and wonder of human creativity.” At $33 a month, it’s like a sweet 70’s car payment.

I'm into it.

I'm into it, all nice and flat on the wall.

PS – All of these photos are examples of the ways that you can store and / or display the wonderland of color that is this 500 Colored Pencil collection, all available at Social Designer as well as a few other neato ideas, beyond the trusty and iconic old coffee can.

Hold 'em tight...

Hold 'em tight...

Though I use mostly plain old graphite pencils or scratchy old ink pens to sketch, this collection is tempting, I just love the idea of a fresh set of color like a bouquet (sans mort et bees) arriving to brighten up every month for almost 2 years. And yes, I am a design nerd.

Click on any of the images for more information or this link to visit Social Designer.

Color & light.

Color & light.



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4 responses to “500 Colored Pencils

  1. I LOVE them showcased on the wall!

  2. Karen

    Love your displays…so many colors…so fantastic! Could you tell me about the quality of these pencils as compared to Prisma..Derwent…etc.?
    They seem pricey but may not be based on quality.
    Thank you!

  3. Karen, I wish that I could 🙂 I actually haven’t tried the pencils, I just really loved the look and never got around to signing up for the set. Sorry!

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