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New art print, “he likes to read books written for girls” released!

Books Written For Girls, what a softly brutal song by Camera Obscura.

3-color, hand screenprinted art print "He Likes To Read Books Written For Girls"

3-color, hand screenprinted art print "He Likes To Read Books Written For Girls"

So! Independent Record Store Day is quite a great little way to help support your local indepents. This print is part of a print exchange and show in conjunction with Independent Record Store Day on Saturday April 18, 2009. This particular print show will be up for viewing at 3 different indie record stores around the country: Signed & Numbered and Slowtrain Records in Salt Lake City, Size Records in Oklahoma City and 52.5 Records in Charleston, SC.

The theme for the show was to take a song lyric from a favorite band and translate that into a print for the show. I chose Camera Obscura’s “Books Written For Girls”, which is just a sweetly sad and devastating songhere combined with text from a classic book written for girls rife with odd gender roles and unfair treatment of one’s loves. Or so I think. And here they are, just about to have a heart or two broken.

Available now at my website here. And don’t forget to support your local independent record stores!

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Flatstock floorplan

I’m just about packed, and getting super excited to head down to SXSW in Austin, TX for  the Flatstock rock poster show. I almost can’t sleep, it’s like Christmas. I figured that for anyone else thinking about checking Flatstock that I’d post a floorplan to help folks negotiate all of the awesome.

It’s a bit wide, so I’ve popped it up on my Flickr page here. If you come through Flatstock, definitely come say hello!

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