The Police Cloud, super little book

When I first came across this great little book The Police Cloud by illustrator Christoph Niemann, I was cracking up at my computer. Yes, really. I know, that’s a tad embarrassing.

And yet since then I’ve been a little bit obsessed with this book’s title, story and overall look. The story is adorable, sweet and funny, the illustrations are top notch and a really interesting mix of simple and expressive.  I mean come on, look at him! Fwuffy lil copper cloud who just wants to help people and do right for a living. So awesome. 

The Police Cloud website is also worth checking out too, with a nice little set of animations and sample pages from the book, which is available at



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2 responses to “The Police Cloud, super little book

  1. hahaha this is insanely adorable and hysterical.

  2. For real, how freaking cute right? Love you lil Cloud.

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