The Year of Readers, I’m doing it.

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I love to read, always have and always will. My bookshelves in multiple rooms are overflowing, and that includes my “to read” pile.

Handily enough, I came across The Year of Readers blog and wanted to join forces, as, I won’t lie, I am going to be reading in 2009 anyway. And maybe, just maybe? This will get me reading more and a bit faster. Again, I won’t lie, I’ve been a slow bookworm of late. The Year Of Readers is a sponsorship idea where readers join up and/or get sponsorship from folks for reading books from January 1st 2009 – December 31st 2009. Donations can be made per book read, or as a simple denomination can be donated, your choice!

So! For strawberryluna’s Year Of Reading 2009 my literary charity is the children’s literacy non-profit: Reading Is Fundamental or, as you may remember from childhood, RIF! I will be keeping a journal of my readings and the progress on fund-raising efforts for RIF during all of 2009 on my blog here, so keep up. 

I’ve also chosen the organization to process all donations, as they already work with RIF, so any donation made goes directly to RIF. Easy Peasy!

All donations will be greatly appreciated. Please help promote reading and literacy in kids and sponsor me. Start reading with us today!



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3 responses to “The Year of Readers, I’m doing it.

  1. Thanks for posting about this 🙂

  2. Hi! I loved this post. I worked for Scholastic Book Fairs for the past 4 years and could not read enough books myself. ” young adult” books are so so amazing theses days! You rock for doing this. Also I am giving you the Superior Scribler award, see my blog for deatials :
    Have a fab week – Jennifer 🙂

  3. you know what i remember about RIF? getting free pizza hut pizza, because i ruled at reading in fourth grade! you totally rock for doing this. yay!

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