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Happy Thanksgiving to all!



 Simply stated, and with deepest apologies to Charles Schulz, wishing everyone a lovely, peaceable and relaxing Thanksgiving.


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“Jolly Good” Group print show at Bluebottle Gallery, Seattle, WA

“Jolly Good” holidays to you and yours! Super excited about this show. 

Blue Bottle Gallery in Seattle, WA - Jolly Good print show

Blue Bottle Art Gallery in Seattle, WA - Jolly Good print show

The excellent-cool folks at the Bluebottle Art Gallery & Store in my favorite-not-home-city, Seattle, WA are putting on a fantastic holiday art print show called “Jolly Good” which features the work of over 30 screenprint artists from all over the US. And best, they invited me to join in the fun. Yes huh!

The “Jolly Good, Group art print show” will run from December 2nd, 2008 – December 31st, 2008. The opening reception for the show will be on Saturday Dec 13th from 5 – 8 pm, so please join in the fun for drinks, snacks and cheer! Blue Bottle Art Gallery & Store is located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle at 415 East Pine Street.

My newest, fresh off the presses art print “Winter 2008″ will be available making it’s debut at this show and will be available for view and purchase, yep. Other participating artists include Cricket Press, Tad Carpenter, Nate Duval & a slew of others that make up the 30+ artists. The artists have entered 2 -5 prints into the show and all prints will be available for purchase. I’m sending 5, wassssup?!

Please note that as “Jolly Good” is designed to be a cash and carry show, to allow for holiday purchases, prints will be going fast while the show is up. All art prints are priced under $100, many in the $25 – $50 range.

Bluebottle Art Gallery & Store also runs an email preview list that you can sign up for here, which allows you to get sneak previews of art work before the general public. It’s a cool gig!

"Jolly Good" art print show info

Bluebottle Art Gallery & Store is an independently owned & operated art gallery and curated boutique shop of handmade goods run by the lovely husband & wife team of Andrea & Matthew Porter. We’re tickled holiday red to be a part of this show. Cheers!

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“Screenprinting 102” art print show in Charleston, NC

Once again, independent music store 52.5 Records in Charleston, SC is showing some mad love for the screenprinting community! 
Screenprinting 102 poster by Chuck Keppler

"Screenprinting 102" poster by Chuck Keppler

This time with a focus on art prints by local and national printmakers. Rad! “Screenprinting 102″ is the second annual screenprinted art show at 52.5 Records (hence the collegiate title) and I’m thrilled to be a part of it again. Pieces in the show are from artists from around the country and will be available for sale as well. Quite affordably too I might add. My newest, fresh off the presses art print “Winter 2008” will be available for view and purchase, yep.

“Screenprinting 102” opens on December 5th 2008 from 7-9pm and will run through January 3rd, 2009. 52.5 Records is located at 561 King St., Charleston, SC. 

Participating  artists include: Leia Bell,  Johnny Pundt, Chuck Keppler, Cricket Press, Adam Turman, Crosshair, Jason Goad, Pete Cardoso, Jason Cooper, Mike Klay, Aesthetic Apparatus, Lon Unitus, Nate Duvall, myself and others to be announced shortly. A good handful of these artists will be at the opening too. Keep your eye on more information here.

We love you 52.5 Records!

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Winter 2008 art print released

Winter 2008, art print

Winter 2008 art print

Soft browns fall away and turn to ice-blues and snowy scenes. There is a love story, hidden in the leaves.

I’m excited to finally start this tradition of working on one seasonal print per season. It’s been in my head for a while and it feels good to get moving on it. This is the first print in series of seasonal, limited edition prints that I’ll be releasing. Ready? Here’s the mind-blowing part = there will be 4 per year. 

This wintery tale is a 4 color hand printed screenprint, with black, bark brown and icy-blue transparent inks. Blue over prints brown to make a soft grey and the brown leaves are distressed as they fall off the trees. Get it? I thought that you might. Edition of only 85. Size: 16.5w x 22h inches. Available at my website, starting today.

Winter 2008 art print, detail

Winter 2008 art print, detail


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Piñatas are awesome

Lurking fun from above.

Lurking fun from above.

You know it’s true. A couple of weeks ago when my friend Beth from Hero Design was in town we cruised through the Strip District here in Pittsburgh. It was at the Latino grocery Reyna Foods where I snapped a few photos of the rad bits of colorful paper shaped into the stuff of childhood dreams. Or nightmares. Or both. A few more photos on my Flickr site as well. 

WTF is this?! Awesome.

WTF is this guy?! Awesome.

Piñatas have a long and debated history, are they Italian, Spanish or Mexican in origin? Ultimately who cares right? One fun new fact that I learned today, (thanks Wikipedia!) is that there are traditionally Christmas piñatas which are 7-pointed stars. Beating them and breaking them symbolizes triumph over the Seven Deadly Sins. And then you get to snack. Niiiiicce.

Lil flock of sleeping piñatas pack a mean fun punch.

Lil flock of sleeping piñatas pack a mean fun punch.

And, thanks to the super talented and cool Sara of Girls Can Tell, ROMG check out the Guinness Book of World Records confirmed Largest Piñata before getting destroyed by a wrecking ball (yes!) in my hometown of Philadelphia: 

World's Largest Piñata

World's largest piñata. Behold its HUGENESS.

Piñatas have always held an intense fascination for me. I love the clashing colors and the handmade aspect of them. They can range from highly conceptualized to rudimentary construction, yet all are meant to be ripped, crushed and destroyed. The first time that I saw one as a kid at a party was mildly mind-shattering, as The Winner is The Destroyer. Proof positive that inspiration can be found anywhere.


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What I’m listening to today – Of Montreal live covers

Of Montreal at Pitchfork, 2007 being all awesome. Of Montreal at Pitchfork, 2007 being all awesome.

I’m not usually much of a cover-song girl, I’ll be honest, but these covers by Of Montreal are super. It’s no surprise right? I’ve done two posters for these guys to date, so you know, it might be obvious that I love them. This collection runs from Led Zepplin to Prince to Boston to Elf Power and more, more more.

Of Montreal is one of the best bands currently alive and playing and breathing. And they play a lot of covers in their live shows. The music blog You Ain’t No Picasso has culled really solid collection of live covers up from these super heroes of rock right now. A slew of them if you will, with 52 hot-assed, booty shaking covers, there’s plenty of pie for everyone. Just click on the site and a convenient player rolls through them all for you. Heaven.

Oooh la la!

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strawberryluna T-shirts, now available in my Etsy shop.

Friends Are Neato, brown & pink tees

Friends Are Neato, brown & pink womens & mens/unisex tees.

Hey guess what! If you haven’t seen me at a craft show, you very likely haven’t seen my t-shirts for sale. Since most of my tshirt designs are printed in small runs, I usually only take them with me for shows rather than always having them available online. But now, with the craft and poster carny-travel season coming to a close, I put up some t-shirts in my Etsy store.

Elephant & Bird Friends Are Neato, womens & mens/unisex.

Elephant & Bird Friends Are Neato, womens & mens/unisex tees.

 Available in sought after Women’s tee styles by Hyp brand, (an amazingly soft and comfy women’s tee that puts the other to shame) as well as traditional Mens/Unisex cut styles too. Take your pick! And, now that it’s chilly time, hoodies are in the works too.  Got a suggestion or a design that you would love to see on a hoodie? Drop me line. 

Nesting Brown Birdies, womens & mens/unisex tees.

Nesting Brown Birdies, womens & mens/unisex tees.

And if you’re like me, you could always improve your tshirt folding skills, check out this super sonic, faster-than-the-speed-of-sound shirt-folding technique. SHAZAM! 

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