Spoonflower, just what we’ve been waiting for.

Thanks to a Twitter mention by smartie artie Meg Hunt, we recently found a great problem solver! Love textiel design, but perhaps don’t have the space, materials and expertise to print your own design? Spoonflower is fix.

For a textile, pattern and design nerd like me, this is straight heaven. Spoonflower, based in an former sock Mill in Mebane, North Carolina in the US, is technically still in it’s Beta stage. However, just this week they made the big move from an invite-only site to a fully public interactive website. Upload patterns & designs, peruse and follow the works of other designers around the world, order custom printed swatches based on your designs, or just read through the extensive blog for ideas, tutorials and tips of the trade.

Basically? Spoonflower is pretty much amazing. Look for my work there soon! Can’t wait to go play. Eeeeeeee.


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